Home Inburgering buitenland 2. TGN Test

Test of Spoken Dutch (TGN)

You will be presented with the following
tasks over the telephone:
  • 1. Repeating phrases (sentences)
    - Repeating sentences
    - Repeating sentences 2A
    - Repeating sentences 2B
    - Repeating sentences 2C
    - Repeating sentences 2D

2. Answering short questions

3. Naming antonyms (opposites)
    - Opposites 1
    - Opposites 2

4. Repeating stories

Of the second part (TGN) the two parts "repeat phrases" count for most points (together 75%)
"Short questions" and "opposites" each count for 12.5%
The part "repeat two short stories" does not count in the score.
The score for TGN is between 10 and 80 points.
10=no answer was correct, 80=perfect Dutch.
You have to score at least 26 points.
The TGN takes about 15 minutes.