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The 17 provinces of Laos

 In 1975 the Laos government had re-organized the country into 17 provinces, including one is municipality Vientiane (khampheng Nakhone Vientiane).
The provinces in Laos are not only unique in term of landscapes, mountains and forest they are also have many different groups of minorities people living in different provinces all around the country.
Laos is a small country, but rich in natural resources such as gold, timber and minerals. Most rare and tropical wildlife still can be found in some part of Laos.
The weather in Lao is hot and humid, but climate is varied from province to province. Today in the south, in Champasak province is very hot but up north in Phongsaly province is very cold and windy.
Below you find the names of the 17 provinces in Laos:

1. Attapeu
2. Bokeo
3. Bolikhamxay
4. Champasak
5. Houaphanh
6. Khammouane
7. Luang Namtha
8. Luang Prabang
9. Oudomxay
10. Phongsaly
11. Salavan
12. Savannakhet
13. Sekong
14. Vientiane Capital
15. Vientiane Province
16. Xaignabouly
17. Xieng Khuoang