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Bolaven Plateau

Population: 120.000
Provincie: Champasak
How to get there: Bus

The Bolaven Plateau is located in an ancient volcano that erupted millions of years ago, the area spans 50 km of Southern Laos most vegetated area.
From an alititude of 800 and 1350 meters (Paksong area) it is green all year round and cooler than the rest of Laos and Thailand.
Surrounding the plateau there are a number of protected national parks, dramatic waterfalls, remote hill tribes, dense jungle and a taste of some of the world's best coffee beans.
Paksong is the heart of the plateau, the small but charming town branches off into the vast areas of Saravan or Attapeu, known for its rich coffee, relaxing climate and friendly citizens, its a populated area full of tranquility....and no tour groups.
The Bolaven Province has countless waterfalls.
The Tad Lo Waterfalls that are approximately 58 miles from northeast Pakse is a popular destination.
the Bolaven Plateau greatly suffered during the Vietnam War.
The Bolaven Plateau was one of "the most heavily bombed theatres of the Second ¬¨Indochina War... US bombardment became unbearable in the late '60s. Controlling the Bolaven Plateau was considered strategically vital to both the Americans and North Vietnamese, as evidenced by the staggering amount of UXO (unexploded ordnance) still lying around".Since there is a great deal of UXO lying around the Plateau, it is often dangerous to veer off unmarked paths.