Home Sightseeing Vang Vieng


Population: 25,000 (2005)
Province: Vientiane

How to get there: bus
Where: A few hours north of Vientiane

Vangvieng is known today for the party scene, the tubing and the many backpackers in the village. Still not much more than three streets and a bus station, the main attractions are the river, laid back countryside and cave-filled rock formations. Tubing, is the activity that dominates the town and its visitors. Originally opened up by hedonistic backpackers, the city's predominant ambiance is one of lethargy by day and debauchery by night: tourists sprawl out in the pillow-filled restaurants, termed "TV Bars", watching re-runs of US sitcoms, Friends and Family Guy episodes until the sun goes down, and then party heavily until the early hours. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of more sedate foreign sightseers. The village is a paradise for some and not attractive to others. The environment is beautiful even if you do not come to drink and party, it is possible to entertain you. Drugs are easily available in the site but please be very careful. There are, many risks related to the quality and the Lao law.