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Tips for Women

Laos is an easy country for women travelers though you still need to be sensitive to a set of cultural mores that hasn't been watered down as much as in many parts of Thailand. Lao is very safe and violence against women travelers is extremely rare.
The relative lack of prostitution in Laos, as compared with Thailand, has benefits for women travelers.
While a Thai woman who wants to preserve a "proper" image often won't associate with foreign males for fear of being perceived as a prostitute, in Laos this is not the case.
Hence a foreign woman seen drinking in a cafe or restaurant is not usually perceived as being "loose" or available as she might be in Thailand.
This in turn means that there are generally fewer problems with uninvited male solicitations.
That, however, is not an absolute. Lao women rarely travel alone, so a foreign female without company might be judged by Lao – male and female – as being a bit strange.
And while this is less prevalent in the larger, towns and cities where society is generally more permissive, in rural areas Lao men might see a woman traveling alone as a woman who wants company. Generally, though if your bus has other women on board, you shouldn't have any problems.
A woman should never touch a Monk and even handing something to a monk must not directly if you are female.

Keep this in mind in order not to embarrass people.

When you visit a temple or sacred place wear body-covering clothing. The same goes for men.

Hygienic towels etc. are in Vientiane and the larger cities available but in smaller placesit is difficult to get or impossible.
So make sure you have some stock.